Personal Injury Settlements

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Car Accident Attorney



Orange County, CA

Recovering resulting from the death of 43-year-old wife/mother, and injuries to 3 occupants in the vehicle. Plaintiffs were rear ended on the 15 freeway by a negligent driver. Litigation uncovered that the driver was “working” at the time of the incident, and that there was a potential defect in the restraint system. Recovery came from the negligent driver, his employer and manufacturer of plaintiff’s automobile.

Pedestrian Accident Attorney



Orange County, CA

The Law Offices Of Guadalupe Gonzalez tried a case for one month in Orange County representing a badly injured man who was struck by a car. The defendant had an insurance policy of $1.25 million which they refused to pay and instead offered $500,000. After one month in trial a verdict of $3.8 million was achieved.




Successfully resolved a trip and fall case for a 40-year-old BBQ installer who tripped over a metal bracket while installing a BBQ. Did not fall, but injured his back to the extent where 36 hours later medical tests revealed a portion of his disc broke free and wedged into his spinal cord, rendering him a paraplegic. Defense argued that the plaintiff sustained his injury while lifting a 200 pound BBQ and that the area where he tripped was not dangerous.



Orange County, CA

Law Offices Of Guadalupe Gonzalez represented an infant allegedly harmed as a result of negligence of the OB/Gyn and hospital. Plaintiff argued that the parties failed to recognize distress as indicated on the fetal heart monitor. As a result, the child was born with brain damage. A structured settlement of the monies resulted in recovery of multi-millions to meet the child’s needs for life.




In this trucking incident/general negligence case, a $1,000,000 settlement for a disputed liability incident involving a truck driver was awarded. Plaintiff alleged that the defendant improperly loaded a trailer in Fontana, which resulted in the trailer contents spilling when the plaintiff unloaded in Stockton. Load fell from trailer onto plaintiff’s food, resulting in a partial amputation of his foot.

Car Accident Attorney



Burbank, CA

Auto accident settlement for a disputed liability intersection collision in Burbank. In this case, Super Lawyer Lupe represented a 53-year-old stagehand who suffered a neck injury which required surgery. Case was nearly dismissed for lack of prosecution, when client’s first lawyer was incarcerated. Case settled on the Monday that the case was to start trial.



Orange County, CA

Lawyer Lupe represented an 8-year-old girl who suffered injuries when she fell from the 2nd story window of her apartment. Plaintiff alleged that defendant failed to maintain the windows in a safe manner, resulting in these floor to ceiling windows being east to open and allowing a small child to fall.

Car Accident Attorney



Minneapolis, MN

Lawyer Lupe represented the mother of an 18-year-old girl killed in a trucking accident in Minnesota. Initially, the trucking company argued that Lawyer Lupes’ client was 100% at fault for the accident.

However, after investigation and reconstruction of the accident by an expert, Lawyer Lupe at the Law Offices of Guadalupe Gonzalez was able to settle the case for the $500,000.

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